Kate Acton

Kate ActonKate Acton is a graduate of Emerson College where she majored in TV/Video Production and Marketing. After suffering from illness throughout college, she was introduced to Dr. Young’s pH Miracle series, which taught her how to reclaim health by using alkalizing foods and lifestyle choices. In 2006 Kate trained with Dr. Young at the pH Miracle Center in Escondido, CA to become a Certified Nutritional Microscopist. She is the owner of Cape Microscopy located in Osterville, MA, where she performs live and dry blood analysis and re-educates clients about how to balance their bodies for optimal health and wellness through seminars and classes.

Nutritional Microscopy: Live and Dry Blood Analysis
Using a high powered phase contrast microscope, up to 1000x magnification, clients are shown the health their blood cells and organs on a 16" computer screen. Although this method does not diagnose like some blood tests do, a live and dry blood analysis allows the nutritional microscopist to identify imbalances in the body, specifically acid imbalances.  Clients learn how their diet and lifestyle are affecting their overall health and are then given tools and guidance to create a balance that promotes health and vitality. This is also a great way to monitor your current nutrition or healing program to see if it is working.

This is a picture of healthy live blood This is a picture of unhealthy live blood
healthy live blood unhealthy live blood
Healthy dry blood which shows us the health of the organs and tissues  This sample shows severe bowel toxicity and abdominal organ stress
Healthy dry blood sample shows severe bowel toxicity and abdominal organ stress

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